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2016-17 Libraries’ Innovation Grant will Showcase Home Economics Pamphlets

The 2016-17 Innovation Grant is awarded to Callie Coward, Erica Rau and Carolyn Shankle for "Vintage Viands and the Roaring ‘20s."

Vintage Viands offers opportunities for students, staff, and the local community to sample foods from an earlier era, and reflect on how taste and ingredients change over time. The event, connected through the Home Economics Pamphlets Collection and the Home Economics and Household Collection, offers attendees an online or physical exhibit. Vintage Viands gathers student attention, creating a memorable experience that places University Libraries in a favorable position.

Looking long-term, the event serves as a template for creating accessibility of hidden or limited-use collections to wider audiences; individuals can still enjoy the event, regardless if the collection is for personal use, research, and/or curriculum development.

We’re also hoping this project can spearhead a LSTA grant. With the grant, we’d like to modify the Vintage Viands format and create curriculum guides for schools across all education levels in the future.