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Showing posts from December 16, 2012

Jackson Library Portico Entrance Beautified

The Portico Entrance to Jackson Library grew brighter and more beautiful in December, when a local garden company donated violas to create two large beds on either side of the stairs leading into the building from College Avenue.

The flowers are the gift of  HighPerformanceFlowers, which operates at the Colfax Farmer's Market off Sandy Ridge Road during the growing season.  After a conversation with a customer who also works in the University Libraries, Michael Turner, UNCG class of 2005, and the company owner, Branson Davis, class of 2000, decided to donate some their flowers for us to enjoy.  Michael, in particular, says he used to spend a lot of time in our library when he was in school, and was happy to work with Branson to arrange this gift to us.Thanks for giving back, gentlemen.

Thanks also to Kevin Siler, Jeff Hawkins, Chris Fay and our other groundspeople for preparing and planting the beds for us.