Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All in a Day’s Work

What is a day in the University Libraries like?

Of course, there is no typical day.  Each one brings a different set of challenges and opportunities as we work to advance and support learning, research, and service, but one day recently we took a snapshot of our day, and it looked like this:
  • 7865 people entered the libraries in person;
  • 16,145 visitors  looked at a library web site page;
  • 366 mobile devices accessed our resources, more than 76% of them for the first time, and mobile use is growing;
  • 14,285 articles from NC DOCKS containing the scholarly output of UNCG and other UNC system partners were used;
  • 1085 people used one of our 221 public personal computers, laptops and IPads, and they printed 6165 pages;
  • 200 public service questions were fielded by library faculty staff (face to face, by phone and virtually over the Internet), and there were 13 more consultation sessions;  
  • Japan and the United Kingdom topped the list of countries outside the US accessing our resources online, with 92 and 53 persons, respectively, doing so;
  • as information creators, we created 834 digital files containing 15.8 gigabytes of information; 921 digital files containing 23.1 gigabytes were uploaded to Content DM, and there were 4356 page views of our digital projects files.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Friends of the UNCG Libraries Elect New Officers

The Friends of the UNCG Libraries elected new officers at their recent annual meeting, which featured Nikki Giovanni providing “An Evening of Poetry, Love, and Enlightenment.” Outgoing chair Billie Durham served as master of ceremonies at the event, attended by 332 members and other attendees.  Funds raised at the dinner support the University Libraries.

The new Chair of the Friends is Dr. Karl Schleunes of Greensboro, Professor Emeritus of History at UNCG, where he specialized in Modern German History and the Holocaust.  Schleunes taught for 45 years, including 39 years at UNCG.  Major publications include The Twisted Road to Auschwitz: Nazi Policy toward German Jews, 1933-1939 and Legislating the Holocaust: The Bernhard Loesener Memoirs.  An avid library user and supporter, Schleunes is also a collector of travel accounts by American travelers to the Holy Land (Palestine) during the 19th century and the early 20th century (up to 1948).  He is married to the Brenda Schleunes, Founder and Director of the Touring Theatre of North Carolina.  They have one daughter and two grandchildren.  Schleunes notes that he has been a denizen of UNCG’s Jackson Library since the tower went up in 1973, and can often be found there working in his faculty study on the 8th floor.

The new Vice-Chair/Chair Elect is Camille Payton of Greensboro.  Payton has been practicing law since 1993. A native of Kinston, North Carolina, she graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and the University of Texas before practicing law in Greensboro. Payton has extensive trial experience and practices in the areas of workers' compensation and personal injury.

Newly elected to the Board for three year terms were Jud Franklin, Elizabeth Hudson, Afrique Kilimanjaro  and Mary Ellen Shiflett of Greensboro and Joyce Traver of Brown Summit.  Re-elected to a second term were Billie Durham of Asheboro and Camille Payton of Greensboro.  

For a full list of Board members, see here.