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All in a Day’s Work

What is a day in the University Libraries like?

Of course, there is no typical day.  Each one brings a different set of challenges and opportunities as we work to advance and support learning, research, and service, but one day recently we took a snapshot of our day, and it looked like this:
7865 people entered the libraries in person;16,145 visitors  looked at a library web site page;366 mobile devices accessed our resources, more than 76% of them for the first time, and mobile use is growing;14,285 articles from NC DOCKS containing the scholarly output of UNCG and other UNC system partners were used;1085 people used one of our 221 public personal computers, laptops and IPads, and they printed 6165 pages;200 public service questions were fielded by library faculty staff (face to face, by phone and virtually over the Internet), and there were 13 more consultation sessions;   Japan and the United Kingdom topped the list of countries outside the US accessing our resources online, with 92…

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