Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jackson Society Profile: Pam and David Sprinkle

Pam Sprinkle is a person who makes things happen.

During her term on the Friends of the UNCG Libraries Board of Directors, financial cutbacks threatened the continuation of the Children’s Book Author and Storyteller Series that brings prominent author/storytellers to the UNCG campus each fall.  The Series has three components:
1) to perform at UNCG for nearly 1000 fourth graders in area schools;
2) to conduct a master storyteller Q&A session with UNCG students studying to become elementary school teachers; and
3) to appear at both UNCG and the area Bookmarks Festival under UNCG sponsorship. 

Without even being asked for her support, Pam determined that she wanted to see the series continue, and worked out a plan with husband David to do so, committing to fund it for five years.  The Sprinkles’ generosity not only saved the series, it allowed it to thrive, and with their ongoing commitment top author/storytellers could be booked a year or more in advance, something that had never been possible before.  Bobby Norfolk, John McCutcheon, and Bill Harley, three of the top names in the storytelling world, have come to UNCG during the intervening years.  Doug Elliott will visit in September 2014.

While all of the components of the series are beneficial, the University Libraries especially enjoys seeing fourth graders come to campus, many for the first time, under the guidance of teachers and chaperones who are often UNCG grads themselves. The excitement they display, and the enjoyment these children receive makes us proud to be able to offer this kind of experience to them.

While not alumni, the Sprinkles are generous in their support of UNCG and other organizations.  David now serves as Chair of the UNCG Board of Trustees.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Director of the Digital ACT Studio Lindsay Sabatino

Lindsay Sabatino, director of the Digital ACT Studio in Jackson Library’s Digital Media Commons, has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation entitled "Interactions on the Online Writing Center: Students’ Perspectives," and passed with distinction. She earned her Ph.D. in English: Composition & TESOL from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Sabatino, who came to UNCG in August, had previously been Director of the Online Writing Center and Assistant Director of the Writing Center at IUP.  She says she has especially enjoyed connecting to the many other departments at UNCG that use the Digital ACT Studio, and finds the work here a natural extension of her work helping students write.  Here, she also helps them learn how to assess their audience, purpose and context in preparing their digital projects, whether they are scripted or not.  She and the five undergraduate and two graduate student colleagues in the grant-funded Digital ACT Studio are growing their service and expect to add online consultations in the Fall to help more distance education students needing the services of the Digital ACT Studio.

The Digital ACTS consultants (the “Digiteers”) provide designers with a trained, engaged audience, providing feedback on any digital projects, such as slide presentations, video projects, podcasts, digital photography, websites, and posters by offering collaborative, dialog-based consultations.

The Library's Digital Media Commons (DMC) and the Digital ACT Studio work together to address four different literacies: informational, functional, critical, and rhetorical:
•    Informational literacy: The Library's DMC provides support in how to locate, evaluate, and cite media resources as well as functional technological literacy.
•    Functional literacy: The Library's DMC provides support in how to use the hardware and software tools necessary to create digital projects.
•    Critical literacy: The Digital ACT Studio provides support in helping designers take into account the political, cultural, and economic context of their digital media projects.
•    Rhetorical Literacy: The Digital ACT Studio helps designers match medium, message, and context to create projects that most effectively achieve the purpose they intend for their chosen audience.