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Jackson Society Portrait: Maggie Triplette

Why do folks give to the University Libraries?There are as many reasons as there are donors, but Maggie Triplette’s story may be a particularly interesting one.Each year, Maggie gives generously at the Jackson Society level to the University Libraries to purchase photography books in memory of her husband Gene, who was an avid and gifted photographer before succumbing to a brain tumor in 2009.Gene discovered photography in his early 20's and this "hobby" sustained his soul, Maggie says, and became his passion. Maggie is not a UNCG alumna, and Gene graduated from another university too, but she believes passionately in providing opportunities to the broad cross-section of students at UNCG who might not consider photography otherwise. Thanks, Maggie, for your thoughtful and generous remembrance of Gene, and for your service to the community and the University in other areas as well. If you’re thinking of making a gift in honor or memory of a loved one, we invite you to conta…

Autographed Works by African American Authors Displayed by Libraries' Diversity Committee

Kathy and David Crowe to Create Endowments to Support University Libraries through Planned Gift