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Haley Gann Honored as the 2018 Outstanding Student Library Worker

Haley Gann, a student worker in University Libraries’ Access Services and Administration departments since 2016, has been named as the 2018 Outstanding Student Library Worker Award Winner.

The award, made possible by generous gifts from David Arneke and UNC Greensboro’s University Bookstore, is given annually. As winner, Gann’s name will be placed on the award plaque on display in Jackson Library, and she will receive $500 cash from Arneke and a $500 gift card from the University Bookstore.

“Haley is committed to the Library,” said Karen Ward. “She shows great passion for the work she does with patrons, faculty, staff and students.”

Gann fully embodies the criteria for the award, including reliability, responsibility, conscientiousness and commitment to service and teamwork. She will graduate this May from UNC Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and has accepted a full-time position in the Nursing Residency Program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashvi…