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Pirates Beyond the Caribbean--October 28th at 7pm in the EUC Auditorium

While the pirate in the popular imagination tends to look like Johnny Depp and inhabit rowdy port cities in the Caribbean, pirates have pillaged and plundered from ancient times to the present day in all corners of the world. Join the History Club and the Friends of the UNCG Libraries in the EUC Auditorium at 7pm on Thursday, October 28th, as we host a panel designed to extend our understanding of pirates and their impact on law, society, and culture.

Four experts from UNCG will discuss the pirates they have encountered in their very different fields of study. Dr. Omar Ali, African American Studies, will talk about a 14th Century Morrocan explorer who was beset by pirates off the coast of Sri Lanka and lived to tell the tale. Dr. James Anderson, History, will examine the intersection between smuggling, piracy and patriotism in the career of the Sino-Japanese pirate and Ming loyalist Zheng Chenggong (1624-1662). Jason Cooke, a doctoral candidate in English, will look at the intersection between the actual hijackings of American vessels off the Barbary Coast and the treatment of those events in early American Literature. Dr. Robert Griffiths, Political Science, will discuss recent pirate attacks off the coast of Africa in the context of international security and law. A reception will immediately follow the panel. Special thanks to the Student Goverment Association for their support of this event.