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"Fiction of Light"--Recent Paintings by Jack Stratton

Recent paintings by Greensboro artist Jack Stratton will be on display in the Jackson Library Reading Room beginning on September 12. Join us on Friday, September 23 at 5:00 pm for the exhibit's opening reception. A percentage of all sales will benefit the University Libraries.

Jack Stratton is no stranger to the University Libraries--he first started working in Jackson Library as a student. After receiving his BFA in Painting at UNCG in 1977, Jack joined the library staff full time as a bookbinder. From the library, Jack moved to the Weatherspoon Art Museum where he worked for 20 years as a preparator. Last year, after thirty years of service, Jack retired from UNCG, but not from the art world. He currently paints in his Greensboro studio, as well as teaches drawing and watercolor painting at the Art Alliance, an organization sponsored by the City of Greensboro. He also works as a freelance preparator, curator, art handler and lighting consultant.

We asked Jack about what connects the paintings in "Fiction of Light":

"This exhibition presents ten examples of paintings from the last five years of my life. In my work, I am interested in image making as a sort of apperception.* I am intrigued by the idea that seeing is more than an identification of images, but the application of knowledge and how what we know influences how we see the world. Life study is a major part of my work but the final product of a painting is the creation of a narrative, based on reality, that is actually fiction based on real experience - the nature of experience rather than documenting a specific thing.

*Apperception: Introspective self-consciousness; or, the process of understanding something perceived in terms of previous experience. (Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary)