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University Libraries Perform Well in Surveys

In Spring of 2010 the University of North Carolina (UNC) system administered the biennial Sophomore and Senior surveys to all 16 campuses. Several questions about the campus libraries are included in each survey.

The Senior Survey included four questions about libraries. Approximately 1,000 UNCG students answered each question. On a four-point scale with 4 as “excellent” the UNCG University Libraries received the following scores:

• Hours of operation (3.7)
• Staff responsiveness (3.5)
• Access to databases and collections (3.6)
• Library services overall (3.6)

We exceeded the UNC average for these questions in each category. Because these questions have remained the same for over 10 years we are able to get a longitudinal picture of our progress; our scores have improved each year.

UNCG had a 57% response rate to the Sophomore Survey. It included six questions about libraries using a five-point scale with 5 as “very satisfied.” The University Libraries received good results from sophomores as well:

• Helpfulness of Staff (4.1)
• Space for Individual Work (4.2)
• Space for group work (4.1)
• Training/instruction for using library and information resources (3.9)
• Availability of information/materials I need for my class assignments (4.1)
• Access to online library resources (4.2)
• Hours of operation (4.4)

These questions were new in 2010 so we don’t have longitudinal data. We did meet or exceed the UNC average for all library questions.

submitted by Kathy Crowe, Associate Dean of the University Libraries