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Digital Media Commons

This Fall, the Digital Media Commons will open its doors in the lower level of Jackson Library at UNCG. The Digital Media Commons will be a space where UNCG students, faculty, and staff can get help with all aspects of creating and refining multimedia projects. The Commons will be jointly staffed by staff and students from the Libraries, UNCG Writing Center, UNCG Speaking Center, and the Media Studies Program. The Commons will contain lots of group work areas, workstations, media editing rooms, scanners, consultation spaces, a presentation practice room, and staff offices. Patrons will come to the Commons to get assistance with selecting, using, and citing media resources, as well as consult experts on the rhetorical, aesthetic, and technical aspects of developing and communicating their ideas through media.

UNCG students are increasingly required to create and use digital media to complete their assignments. In fact, in a 2010 University Libraries survey of over 800 UNCG Graduate and Undergraduate students, more than 70% of these students had been required or had chosen to complete an assignment with some form of digital media -- a film clip or video, an audio interview, a web page, etc. Of those students, more than half said they could not find -- and would have appreciated -- some assistance creating these media components. This trend on the UNCG campus mirrors national shifts as well. Twenty-first century graduates must now possess media literacy skills in order to critically analyze media, and to create and convey their own ideas and messages in emerging mediums.

The Digital Media Commons site is currently under construction in the lower level of Jackson Library, with plans to begin providing services when the Fall 2012 semester begins in mid-August. To stay updated on this project, visit the Digital Media Commons blog,
Post by Joe Williams, Head of Access Services, University Libraries


  1. I notice that one post on the DMC blog says it will open in the Fall of 2013, not 2012> Is that simply a typo, or is there some question about when it will open?

  2. The Digital Media Commons will open in the Fall of 2013. The typo on the DMC blog has been corrected. Thanks.


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