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Digital Media Commons Opens in Jackson Library

The University Libraries are excited to announce that on August 20, the Digital Media Commons (DMC) opens in the lower level of Jackson Library.  This is a great new resource for students as they take on multimedia projects.

What is the DMC?

The DMC provides the space and resources for UNCG's students, faculty and staff to create and refine their multimedia projects, including web pages, digital images, digital video, digital audio, PowerPoint and more. Patrons can receive assistance with selecting, using, and citing media resources, as well as consult with experts on the rhetorical, aesthetic, and technical aspects of developing and communicating their ideas through media.

Who staffs the DMC?The DMC will provide expert staff from the University Libraries, digital literacy consultants from the Undergraduate Studies’ Multilteracy Centers Program, and graduate assistants from the Media Studies and Library and Information Sciences departments.

To learn more about the DMC and the tools and services we offer, please visit our website.  We also invite you to a special Open House on Tuesday, September 18, from 4-5:30, to meet our staff and see our space in action.

See more photos of the DMC here.

To inquire about naming spaces in the Digital Media Commons, contact Dean Rosann Bazirjian at or Director of Development Linda Burr at