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Carolyn Weill LeBauer Fund is Established

In this season of Thanksgiving, we take a moment to appreciate one of the many special donors to our University Libraries and say thank you to all.
Carolyn Weill LeBauer, a 1936 graduate of Woman’s College, cherished her alma mater.  She was a Greensboro native who contributed greatly to the community through her association with civic, cultural and medical auxiliary activities over many years.  She died in March 2012, and we are pleased to announce that her estate has now established the Carolyn Weill LeBauer Fund to support the book arts collection housed in the Special Collections of Jackson Library at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.. 

“This is an appropriate way to honor Carolyn’s memory and interests,” says Dean Rosann Bazirjian of the University Libraries.  “She was a member the Friends of the UNCG Libraries for many years, and she and her husband Maurice gave a special volume to the book arts collection back in 1975, one which remains one of the jewels of our collection.  We were and are grateful for her support and interest in the University Libraries at UNCG.”


  1. What was that "jewel" ? America wants to know !!

    1. On March 19, 1975, Dr. and Mrs. Maurice LeBauer donated to Special Collections as copy of Apocalypse Selon Saint Jean. Compose et dessine par Edy Legrand. Traduit de la Vulgate et du texte grec par Henri Boson, published in Casablancain 11942 by Editions de la Galerie Derche. The book has 27 full page plates printed in colors, and was mentioned in the FOL annual report that year.


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