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Susan Hendrickson Honored with Martha Ransley Staff Service Award for 2013

Susan Hendrickson (left) with Award Selection Committee
Chair Stacey Krim (right)
The 2013 Martha Ransley Service Award winner is Susan Hendrickson.  Below is an adaption of the remarks of Selection Committee Chair Stacey Krim in making the announcement recently:

Susan has been a library employee for 16 years, and has been described as “the face” of Jackson Library for a variety of library patrons the rest of the staff rarely sees.  She has greatly improved the efficiency of the interlibrary loan operation and has enhanced the reputation of the University Libraries and UNCG in doing so. This reputation for excellence extends not only throughout the state and the region; it extends both nationally and internationally as well.

Susan has recently embraced the challenge of additional public service work, adapting well to the demands of new technology and bringing a cheerful spirit to the new duties and public interaction.

She interacts with other Library staff members frequently, and is known for warmth and good humor. Susan trains and supervises students to meet high standards, but  also develops a rapport with the students that has led to a number of them keeping in touch with her after they graduate—and not just for job references.  To quote one of the nominations: “I see the respect and connection the students make with this person – she is making a positive difference as a role model for upcoming librarians, demonstrating to them a commitment to service.”

Susan is always a supporter of library events, showing appreciation to people throughout the library, bringing in baked goods to share, helping set up or clean up, and even supplying flowers for special Library occasions.

Before coming to work at Jackson Library, she managed a local bookstore, and has continued her interest in publishing. The Library collections are frequent beneficiaries of her expertise. Acquisitions staff members often ask advice about selecting books for the Current Literature section.  Susan makes trips to local bookstores to purchase books for the collection, and has also assumed primary responsibility for the development of the Library’s paperback collection. 

In summary, to extract from another nomination, “It’s delightful to walk into ILL daily and receive a warm welcome from Susan, always with a positive attitude and a sense of humor. She embodies the spirit of this award through her attitude and diligent service.”

The University Libraries Staff Service Award was established in 1997 by Martha Ransley, former Head of the Circulation Department, upon her retirement.  The aim of the award is "to recognize and reward members of the SPA Library Staff who provide outstanding leadership and service in furthering the accomplishment of the mission of the Library to provide service to students, faculty, staff and members of the community which the University serves."  The Libraries continue to be grateful to Martha, who was present for the announcement celebration, for her support.