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Portrait in Giving: John May

John May, a member of the Jackson Society, has been a long-time supporter of the University Libraries at UNCG.  He knows their value first-hand.  Using and working in Jackson Library on a daily basis, he wrote a novel, Poe and Fanny, published to excellent reviews by Algonquin Books in 2004. Shannon Ravenel, the legendary editor at Algonquin, mentored John in the preparation of his book for publication.

John later said of his experience, “I spent many happy days writing Poe and Fanny, and I did it all in the UNCG Library.  For two years, I spent my mornings reading and researching, and my afternoons writing.  I loved it.  Those were vital years.”  He continues, “I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the Jackson Library.  I was always welcomed.  I was always at home there.  I was always at my most creative there.”

John, who founded Bonaventure Company, also served as Chair of the Friends of the UNCG Libraries from 2002-2004, and later served on the Libraries’ Students First Campaign Committee.  He has just completed a multi-year commitment to the University Libraries Enrichment Fund.