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Katherine Nunnally Honored with Staff Service Award

(L-R) 2013 Service Award Winner Susan Hendrickson
with 2014 Winner Katherine Nunnally
(photo by Cheryl Cross)

"To recognize and reward members of the SPA Library Staff who provide outstanding leadership and service in furthering the accomplishment of the mission of the Library to provide service to students, faculty, staff and members of the community which the University serves."

Martha Ransley
For a number of years after Martha Ransley created the Staff Service Award for the University Libraries upon her retirement in 1997, she knew all of the first recipients well, and had mentored most of them. In more recent years, the award has gone to people who have come to work here after Martha retired, but they still demonstrate many of the same qualities that she admired and helped instill in the culture of the Libraries during her tenure. 

Katherine Nunnally, the 2014 winner of the staff service award, is such a person.  Nominating forms submitted recommending Katherine for the award speak of the qualities Ransley sought to recognize. Words like initiative, perseverance, creativity, “sense of humor"  and “beyond her own unit” are often mentioned in reference to  Katherine, just as they were outlined when Ransley first envisioned the award.   We are most grateful to Martha and others who established and sought to recognize a tradition of excellence in library service among our staff, and to Katherine, Susan and others who continue to embody it.
Katherine started in Jackson Library as a student worker in 2001.  As a student worker, she worked in both Cataloging and Access Services, and was hired full-time in Cataloging in 2005.

Congratulations, Katherine!