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UNCG Librarians Contribute to New Book: "The Librarian Stereotype"

Lynda Kellam
UNCG librarians  Lynda Kellam and Jenny Dale, as well as LIS faculty member Jim Carmichael, have authored chapters in a new publication from the American Library Association entitled The Librarian Stereotype: Deconstructing Presentations and Perceptions of Information Work, edited by Nicole Pagowsky and Miriam Rigby.   Lynda and Jenny co-authored their chapter, “At the Corner of Personality and Competencies: Exploring Professional Personas for Librarians”  with UNCG alumna Lauren Pressley, now at Virginia Tech.
Jenny Dale

The Librarian Stereotype serves as a response to passionate discussions regarding the ways in which librarians are perceived. Through twelve chapters, covering topics such as racial and ethnic identity, professional personas, pop culture, and a variety of specific stereotypes of librarians, the book reignites an examination of librarian presentation within the field and in the public eye, employing theories and methodologies from throughout the social sciences.  

A short interview with the University Libraries’ contributors was posted on the blog Librarian Wardrobe.