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Carol Steger of the Department of Communication Studies Talks about the Value of the Digital Media Commons

The Digital Media Commons is a wonderful service that helps faculty as well as students. The DMC made all the difference in my flipped instruction course this semester. Last fall I enrolled in the FTLC’s “Flip-the-Classroom Cohort”. Our goal was to use technology in new ways to engage our students outside of the traditional classroom. Once I was given my assignment the DMC was the first campus resource I reached out to.

 I needed to create 6 videos to be sent to students before the spring semester began.  And I knew absolutely nothing about how to do this.  The DMC staff sat with me many days patiently helping me learn how to record and edit videos. (I even learned how to film using a green screen!)  There were plenty of times during the process when one staff member I had worked with was not available, and another staff would step right in and assistance without skipping a beat. They were all a great help.  It took 60 hours of work to complete my work - some of it at the center and some of it at home – but the DMC’s staff was there to help the whole way through, via email, phone, chat, or in person.  If it weren't for the DMC’s kind guidance and expertise, I would not have been able to complete the videos on time, or as effectively.

One thing that I was impressed with is the fact the center is so heavily used by our students. Every day I was in there, I could hardly find an empty seat. The center is designed for group study and collaboration, and our students are taking advantage of the resource. The DMC is obviously filling a need and I encourage more instructors to recommend the space and service to their students.

--Carol Steger, Department of Communication Studies, UNCG