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Digital Library on American Slavery Recognized

The Digital Library on American Slavery, produced by the University Libraries at UNC Greensboro using the research of retired History Professor Loren Schweninger as well as other resources such as runaway slave ads, was recently named by Family Tree Magazine as one of their "101 Best Websites for Genealogy in 2015" where it is listed in the Best Websites for Finding African-American Ancestry section.

There's also a podcast from where they describe the UNC Greensboro site.  The African American part begins at the 17:00 mark, with our part at the 23:00 mark.  On her blog,  African American Genealogy expert Taneya Koonce writes, “The Digital Library on American Slavery is a wonderful resource – the team at UNCG is doing such great work and many of us benefit from the efforts, as indicated by my own family-related find. Kudos!”

Many thanks, Ms. Koonce.  We are pleased to be able to make this important research available without charge to genealogists, researchers, and students across the globe in a convenient and accessible manner.  In 2015, the Digital Library on American Slavery was accessed more than 620,000 times.  Users came from all 50 states (Texas, Georgia and California had the most) and a number of other countries from the Canary Islands to Romania, with the most coming from the UK (over 7300), Canada (3972), and Australia (786). No records of individual users of the site are recorded, only this type of general statistical data.