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Paula Damasceno De Oliveira Wins Outstanding Student Library Worker Award

Paula Damasceno De Oliveira has won the 2016 Outstanding Student Library Worker Award.  Paula is a Student Manager in the Digital Media Commons, helping patrons with video, audio, web design, file transfer and conversion, and any technology or software issues that they have.  She also works with 3D print and 3D laser scanning, and is the New Short Film Festival project manager. 

In winning the award, Paula was especially cited for her high quality, reliable and timely work; her willingness to assume responsibility; her strong customer service orientation and commitment to mentoring other students; and her efforts to make the Digital Media Commons (DMC) run better.  She conceived the New Short Film Festival, which drew more than 700 submissions this year, which her nominator says is "the most ambitious and unique project that a DMC student has undertaken to date."

Paula is also a Lloyd International Honors College student.

Congratulations to Paula.