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Paula Damasceno De Oliveira Wins Undergraduate Student Research Award from the University Libraries

Paula Damasceno De Oliveira has made quite an impression during her time at UNCG, and especially in the University Libraries.  Already named the Libraries' Outstanding Student Worker this year, she has capped her spring semester with the Libraries' Undergraduate Research Award as well.

Paula Damasceno De Oliveira (R) with
Incoming Selection Chair Jennifer Motszko
Here are Interim Dean Kathy Crowe's remarks at the recent Student Honors Convocation:

"On behalf of the University Libraries,  I’m delighted to present our Undergraduate Research award.  This award recognizes  outstanding work that demonstrates the ability to locate, select and synthesize information resources and use them in the creation of an original research project.

Our recipient for 2016 is Paula Damasceno De Oliveira, a Media Studies major, for her paper, “Rosebud and Snow Globe: Two Tricks to the Myth-Making of Citizen Kane” which she wrote for an Honors Independent Study.  In her paper Paula explored the construction of the system that Orson Welles created in Citizen Kane based on analysis, comparison and contrast between the film’s two main signs, “Rosebud” and the Snow Globe. 

Paula’s  professor for this paper was Dr. David Cook from the Media Studies Department.  In his nominating letter Dr. Cook noted that her paper “is unique in Kane criticism most of which has been either thematic or technological.”   …”required extensive research using the resources of the Library which she employed dynamically throughout the essay to produce valuable and highly original results.” 

In her application letter Paula discussed her research process. She learned how to use online resources to their best advantage and found many sources through serendipity in the stacks.  Through the research process she learned that “knowledge craves more knowledge, increases curiosity, and opens doors and windows I could have never expected.” 

Paula works in our Digital Media Commons.

This is why we established this award – to recognize students who make these discoveries and apply them to their coursework.

Congratulations Paulal!"