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UNCG Librarians Partner with Faculty to Enhance Students' Research Skills

In a new initiative, the University Libraries awarded $1,000 stipends to three faculty members to provide support to revise their spring 2016 courses to incorporate more information literacy and increase librarian involvement. The faculty selected partnered with several UNCG librarians to develop new assignments and assessments that enhanced student learning.  

Dr. Thomas Jackson, History 391 Historical Skills and Methods,worked with Kathy Crowe (Libraries' liaison to the History department) Lynda Kellam (Data Services and Government Information Librarian), and Kathelene Smith (Photographs, Artifacts, and Textiles Archivist) to  incorporate library databases, historic census and polling data, and archival materials relating to the sit-ins of the 1960s.

Ms.Stephanie Hudson collaborated with Amy Harris Houk (Libraries' liaison to the School of Education) on ELC 381 The Institution of Education. The class included a series of scaffolded assignments centered around constructing authority in a variety of situations.

Dr. Jonathan Zarecki, Classical Studies 102 The Classical Art of Persuasion) partnered with Jenny Dale (Director of First-Year Programs and Libraries' liaison to the English department). The class focused on incorporating information literacy into classical rhetoric. 

Comments from the participating faculty included:

“Most valuable was integrating librarians and archivists into the course and bringing the students over repeatedly to the library to understand the manifold paths to discovery.”

“The program was a great experience, and I would highly recommend it to others to enrich teaching and learning.”

“Thank you! All future classes will benefit from the explicit attention to information literacy that this program provided and encouraged. It is now the first item on almost every writing rubric I provide.”

The University Libraries will offer stipends again for course taught in spring 2017. Information will be distributed this fall. 


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