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Stipends Will Provide Support for Information Literacy and Librarian Involvement

The UNCG University Libraries will award stipends to three faculty members to provide support for the revision of their spring 2017 courses to more fully integrate information literacy and increase librarian involvement into the classes.
The stipend recipients are:
  • Shana Scudder, English 305
  • Daniel Christen, Chemistry 355
  • Liz McNamara, Honors Seminar 228 

Dr. Scudder will collaborate with Jenny Dale, University Libraries’ liaison to the English department, and Armondo Collins, Head, University Libraries’ Digital Media Commons, on her contemporary rhetoric class. Students will complete scaffolded information literacy assignments throughout the semester culminating in a final multimedia project.
Dr. Christen will collaborate with Karen Grigg, University Libraries’ liaison to the Chemistry department on his intermediate organic chemistry laboratory. Students will learn information literacy skills through writing formal lab reports and creating a guide for important resources in chemistry.
Dr. McNamara will collaborate with Beth Ann Koelsch, University Libraries’ curator of the Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project (WVHP), and Lynda Kellam, University Libraries’ liaison to Political Science, on her honors course, entitled, eagles, dragons, bears and bulls: introduction to international relations. Students will use the primary sources in the WVHP as well as secondary sources to complete papers and a debate.