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Krystal Speights Announced as 2017 Outstanding Student Library Worker Award Winner

David Arneke, Krystal Speights and Kathy Crowe
University Libraries is pleased to announce Krystal Speights as the 2017 Outstanding Student Library Worker Award (OSLWA) winner! Speights is a graduate student in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program in the School of Health and Human Sciences at UNCG. She has been working in Jackson Library for more than four years. 

She currently serves as Student Manager in Access Services and is responsible for supervising other students, responding to chat and email requests on behalf of the Check Out Desk, opening and closing the library and reporting on service, facilities and security issues.

“Krystal has a sunny nature and is always smiling and happy,” said Marilyn Hanichak, Desk Manager in Access Services and Speights' supervisor. “Krystal inspires others to do well. Her friendly attitude fosters sociable relationships among the students, which helps build the team. She encourages the students to rely on one another, support each other and collaborate to get the job done with a joint effort,” said Hanichak.  

The award is made possible through a gift from David Arneke of the Friends of the UNCG Libraries and is given annually. The winner receives a place on the award plaque, $500 from Arneke and a $500 gift card from the University Bookstore.