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University Libraries to Reduce Weekend Hours in Fall 2015

In an effort to realign scarce resources with user needs, the University Libraries will reduce weekend hours in Fall 2015.  Effective August 17, Jackson Library will close at 7 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings instead of 10 pm and will open on Sunday at 12 noon instead of 11 am for a total of 7 fewer hours per week.   The SuperLab will follow these hours as well.  Weekend hours will be extended right before and during exams to provide study space and technology to students.   24/5 service will continue Sunday through Thursday.

The Harold Schiffman Music Library will close at 5 instead of 6 pm on Friday and Saturdays and open at noon on Saturday instead of 10 am for a total of 4 fewer hours per week.  Schiffman Library will extend hours around exams as well.

During the summer, Jackson will reduce hours by 5 per week closing at 9 pm instead of 10 pm Sunday – Thursday.  Schiffman will reduce by 2 hours by opening at noon on Saturday instead of 10 am.

The University Libraries examined a variety of usage data including gate counts, checkouts and the number of questions answered.  This data indicated that these were the hours when the Libraries have the least amount of business. 

These cuts will save the University Libraries approximately $10,000.  The savings will be re-allocated to other areas of the Libraries including collections and technology.  The Libraries’ budget has been cut several times over the past several years and this is the first time hours have been cut. 

Hours of operation