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Final Events of the New Short Film Festival Set

posted on behalf of Armondo Collins of the Digital Media Commons, host of the New Short Film Festival

What better way to spend a warm April night than under the stars watching movies with your friends? Wednesday, April 27th, come to the lawn in front of UNCG’s Jackson Library, and watch the final screening of the New Short Film Festival, hosted by the Digital Media Commons. Pizza, soda, and lively conversations are all being provided for free, all you need to do is bring a chair, a blanket, and a willingness to have fun. Over 400 films were submitted to the festival this year, judges have narrowed the field down to 17, with a total run time of 1 hour. No film is longer than 7 minutes and fall under one of three categories: experimental, screen dance, or animation. Below is a list of the films that will be screened with a brief explanation of their content.
Dream of Spring - a modern day fairy tale depicting the despair of a young woman suffering through the winter snow and an angel bringing her the hope of spring. It was inspired by the works of experimental filmmaker and choreographer Maya Deren.
USE VALUE/EXCHANGE VALUE -This film was shot in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay and Once, CABA, explores exchange value, and quantitative relationships in which use values are mutual.
Kindred Part 1 & 2 - An experimental short documentary exploring the similarities between the human body and nature.
The Glass Record - A not-so-exhaustive visual accumulation of reflection, transparency, and the contact point where physics converts into digital.
COLISEIDOSCOPE - A little bit of apocalypse...
CLOUD VISIONS - In less than two hours we'll change millenium.
I Am Nobody - an adaptation of an Emily Dickinson poem.  The work explores the emotional journey of creating a poem and the nature of solitude.
It's only three nails !! saturn devouring his son -   explores the mechanics of transforming a man into a nail, which has specific tasks, and is doomed to everlasting regulations that  intersect with the values of social equity, injustice and tyranny .
Beware of Time -  Memories from the past are lingering in the dust as the old building falls to the ground. Here, everything exists side by side: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
 Tropical Cannibal  - Cannibalistic sacrifice of totemic consummation.
Origin -The ceramist is working with the clay. That's how it all started...
Spawned Seeds  - One of the major developments in 20th-century contemporary dance, Butoh combines dance, theater, improvisation and influences of Japanese traditional performing arts to create a unique art form that is both controversial and universal in its expression.
An Apple for the Androgyne - Androgyne is a symbol of man born physically or mentally between the two sexes. Throughout his life, he is torn between male and female, Adam and Eve inside and outside.
Black & White In Color - A mesmerizing, experimental response to treating black and white as an editing afterthought.  
Redpoint - You can see wonderful city...with heart and brain!!
My EnemiesSigmund Freud as seen through the eyes of his wife Martha.

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